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How ValoBox is innovating

What does ValoBox do? Essentially we take a standard ePub file, convert it so that each page is an individual url, string them all together and put a firewall on it. Before the firewall anyone can instantly read a sample of the book. When they get to the firewall they have a choice of buying c...

04 July 2014

ValoBox for Bloggers - Showcase samples, share books you love and earn money

ValoBox is a completely new way of showcasing, sampling and selling eBooks. It enables you to: > embed samples of books on your website as easily as you would a youtube video that your community can start reading straight away > sell digital copies of those books on which you earn a massive...

30 June 2014

ValoBox for Booksellers

ValoBox is a completely new way of showcasing, sampling and selling eBooks. It enables you to embed samples of books easily on your website as well as sell digital copies of those books on which you earn a 25% commission. The books can be browsed, sampled and read on any internet connected device...

27 June 2014

eBooks everywhere! Downloading ValoBox books

It’s our mission to make reading and buying ebooks as easy as possible. We want your eBooks to be anywhere and everywhere that you want to access them. So that’s why we’ve introduced eBook downloads to Valobox. Now, as well as being able to stream books on demand from your web browser, you can a...

16 January 2014

Hundreds of crime fiction titles available at a steal on ValoBox!

This month, we’ve got hundreds of top crime fiction titles available for just £0.99. Whether you’re a fan of something gritty, a historical thriller, or a lighthearted mystery, we’ve got a book for you. Even better, thanks to our special gifting feature, if you buy a book, you c...

16 January 2014

ValoBox complements online streaming with epub downloads

Press Release: It’s ValoBox’s mission to make reading and buying ebooks as easy as possible, anywhere, with any device. Recently identified by The Observer as a leading start-up in the burgeoning tech community of Brighton, ValoBox began by enabling readers to sample and buy individual chapters ...

16 January 2014

Share your favourite ebooks with a friend - ValoBox feature in The Observer

We were delighted to be featured in The Observer on 15th December. Publishing expert and writer James Bridle wrote about our new Gift An eBook initiative with Constable & Robinson. The subtitle of the piece was: “A welcome new initiative by startup ValoBox threatens Amazon’s domin...

19 December 2013

A Digital Publishing Christmas Fair!

A quick heads up that there’s a great opportunity to meet London’s digital publishing startups and sample their wares this Christmas. The Digital Publishing Xmas Fair is a free half day event held on Wednesday 11th December at the Shoreditch Village Hall on Hoxton Square in London. There wi...

02 December 2013

Constable & Robinson and ValoBox launch Gift An eBook

We’re really pleased to be able to announce that we have launched a neat gifting service with the excellent folk at Constable & Robinson. It’s a cool extension on top of the ValoBox platform and we’re going to be working on it lots in the run-up to Christmas (of course) and ...

07 November 2013

Authors embedding ValoBox books

ValoBox enables anyone to easily create their own book store using our embedding tool. That’s exactly what Brian Clegg, author of a number of excellent popular science books has done. Brian Clegg has written a biography of Roger Bacon. Bacon was an English friar, born in 1220. He was labeled as a...

14 October 2013

Curated Collections on ValoBox

Lots of us love a good list: a curated collection of things that we might want to pay a bit more attention to. Reading books requires a relatively large investment of your time so the easier it is to find books likely to meet a particular need, or interest, the better. Sometimes finding books by ...

13 September 2013


This is what we’re discussing today at Valobox – why? Because we like the premise of the book and we are intrigued by the grading system that Hot Key Books use. You’ll see the grading system that Hot Key Books use below. Cool, huh? Here’s what the editor had to say...

15 July 2013

The Dead Girls Detective Agency by Suzy Cox

We’re excited to have Suzy Cox’s book The Dead Girls’ Detective Agency. We think it’s a perfect summertime read…but what do the readers have to say? Well, here’s an awesome review from the BookishBabes blog. REVIEW by I h...

08 July 2013

How to link to ValoBox books or embed them on your blog

ValoBox makes it incredibly easy to share books with other people. Here are some of the reasons why you might like to share: 1. You can link directly to a specific page or chapter e.g. your blog can feature your favourite page or chapter of a book 2. Most of our books include free content. Your ...

01 July 2013

ValoBox wins Digital Challenge set by Constable & Robinson

In May, ValoBox was selected as a finalist in the Digital Innovation Contest 2013. The contest was run by IC Tomorrow in partnership with HarperCollins, Constable & Robinson, MediaCom, Ogilvy Labs and JCDecaux, FremantleMedia UK, Samsung, and YouTube. The aim was to encourage emerging opport...

20 June 2013

ValoBox nominated for the Creative Business Cup

We’re really excited that ValoBox has been nominated for the Creative Business Cup, an international competition to find the world’s best creative business. Not only would it be a great accolade, the top prize is an acceleration programme worth $50,000, providing the winner with support fr...

19 June 2013

Woah! Did ValoBox just turn your Tumblr into a bookstore?

With ValoBox it’s easy to embed books so that people can sample, buy and read them without even leaving your Tumblr. It’s kind of like letting them hang out in a book shop made by you. Here’s how you do it. Open the book and click on the share link. You’ll find an embed code. C...

31 May 2013

Alice's Adventures in ValoBox

We’re curating a list of out-of-copyright classic literature that you can access through ValoBox. This means that you’ll be able to embed some of the best adults or children’s classics on your blog or website. You’ll also be able to tweet or link to particular pages wi...

28 May 2013

London Book Fair - Digital Takeover

I couldn’t quite believe it was still only Wednesday when it got to the end of the London Book Fair. As with any trade fair, it’s a fairly full-on experience, and this year even more so as I was talking at the Digital Minds Conference on the Sunday beforehand and we had a stand in Earls Cou...

29 April 2013

Targeting Customers with APIs

ValoBox recently featured in the programme for Klopotek Publishers’ Forum in Berlin. It’s an event which has been around for ten years and focuses on the production and process side of publishing. How can you use technology to make your business more efficient and get your content to...

24 April 2013

ValoBox Upgrade: Every book needs a homepage!

We’re pretty darn excited today to announce that we’ve rolled out a big upgrade to our reader. We’ve had this in the pipeline for a while so it is great to be able to finally show it to you. So, what’s different? Every book has a home page We wanted to make it as easy as possible to get a feel fo...

03 April 2013

ValoBox presents at the If Book Then conference

Last week ValoBox presented at the If Book Then conferences in Milan and Stockholm. The conference was founded by Bookrepublic, a pioneer in the European publishing scene. 2013 is its third year and it has been getting bigger and better every time. The franchise has now been expanded to Stockhol...

25 March 2013

Are you going to the London Book Fair?

We’re going to be there and we’d love to meet up with any publishers keen to find out more about ValoBox. Anna is going to be speaking about working collaboratively with start-ups at the Digital Minds Conference on Sunday 14 April. You can view the programme here. During the ...

13 March 2013

TOC: an enlightening conference on the future of publishing

Fighting their way through the bizarrely named Superstorm Nemo, the finest and brightest in digital publishing converged on New York’s Marriott Hotel for the 7th Tools of Change Conference. O’Reilly’s Tools of Change (TOC) is one of the publishing world’s most exciting conferences. O’Reill...

20 February 2013